Nowadays, Is Everyone Writing a Book?!

There was a time in order to become an author you had to write a manuscript and seek out a literary agent that was accepting submissions. Once you found that agent and submitted your work, you were left hoping that they loved your work enough to represent you. Getting your work accepted was very challenging and competitive which would often result in your manuscript being rejected. Yet, if your work was accepted it was considered a big deal to be a published author.

Today, as you scroll through your social media feed, it seems everyone has written a book from the young child who can barely read and write to an elder who has a lot to say in their personal memoir. Self-publishing has made it possible for many people to fulfill their dreams of becoming an author and have their works published for sale on major sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart – just to name a few. However, to be successful as a self-publisher requires a lot of work. Dedication and commitment of finding creative ways to market your product along with networking with your audience and other authors helps to build your brand. Unlike getting a major book deal, the author has to do a lot of work whereas with a book deal from an established publishing company, they do the work for you.

For years, studies have shown the lack of African American authors represented with major publishing company like Penguin/Random House, Harper Collins, and Simon Schuster, hence, the surge in African American authors self-publishing their books. As you see the rise in self-published authors, you will also find an increase in publishing companies being established to assist new authors in getting their book published.

With the ability to self-publish books, are we over saturating the market making it more competitive? Are we taking away from the quality and craft of writing? Are we removing the uniqueness of being an accomplished writer if anyone is able to publish a book? Despite the number of self-published authors and publishing companies that have come into existence, there has not been an increase of independent, black-owned bookstores established to support the many self-published authors.

The pandemic has given time to those who want to express themselves through the art of writing while others may continuously put off their desire to write. Certainly, everyone has a story, but every story is not a book. Yet, despite the increase of everyone writing a book, perhaps, your story has the “IT” factor that will actually go places. Writing is hard so if your story doesn’t leave your home bookshelf, still, it is an accomplishment to write and publish your story. There is always something to learn as it relates to the standards of writing and publishing.

So, if it is your desire to become a published author --- write! Don’t get discouraged by the many new authors that pop up on your social media feed daily or by the tons of rejects you received from major publishing companies. Write because it is your passion, and your voice will benefit others. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing just focus on your journey on becoming the best author you can become.


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