Quarantine Reflections

Not long ago, there was a livelihood that had everyone in a constant routine of hustling and bustling. For many, the routine consisted of preparing for work, getting the children ready for school, and if they didn’t ride a bus, then you’d have to manage your time to drop them off. Depending on where you lived, you may have a long commute to work followed by sitting in morning and evening traffic. Once you arrive at work, things would slow down a little if you didn’t have a stressful and demanding job. However, when the clock strikes the end of your work shift, you hustle in the traffic to pick up your children from school, rush home to prepare dinner, help your children with homework, do some laundry and house cleaning, if needed. While everyone’s routine varied, what was certain was the day-to-day feel of being rushed and overwhelmed -- the feeling of there not being enough time to do the things you want to do.

Suddenly, the world came to a screeching halt. In a matter of days, people were told to stay home. Families were placed in quarantine. Children had to continue learning online and working adults were able to work from home. You were instructed to wear a mask and gloves if you had to go out for anything. Otherwise, stay home.

This new lifestyle introduced to the world forced us to slow down. It gave families the opportunity to spend more time together, and it brought out a lot of creativity in people (hence, TikTok). Some businesses suffered while others found ways to thrive. Being home a majority of the day allowed you to save money on several personal and household items. But, most importantly, being quarantined with the same people all day, every day tested your faith and patience while providing you with the opportunity to learn more about yourself.

Self-care during quarantine is key to the madness. Finding ways to become healthier than before and becoming a better parent and/or spouse. Having the time to reconnect with loved ones is no longer an excuse. Many families stayed in touch by phone or scheduled meetings virtually.

Nevertheless, not everyone found ways to positively embrace this "break" from adulting. There are those who were or had family members affected by the coronavirus. People who lost their jobs and people who did not survive their marriage during the quarantine.

This quarantine slowed the country down to where millions of people across the world were able to witness the police brutality often inflicted upon African American’s on national television with the death of George Floyd. This sparked a worldwide protest for Black Lives Matter.

As COVID-19 continues to keep the world quarantined, there are some businesses that have re-opened and schools will be doing the same.

Through these trying times, remember to take care of yourself and hold tight to your faith. This too shall pass.

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